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With These newsletter updates ( I call them Next Post or BITE SIZE TIPS or YouTuberTips ) you can Learn How To Make Your Own Videos On A Budget, With Bite Size Tips, Secret Strategies, Posts I Make to my Blog, and Tools that I have found to be of the greatest value to my making videos. After a short series of short emails, you receive a notice of my blog post where I show my tips within my videos. I share how I overcame the fear of being in front of the camera. I don’t know everything but what I do know I plan on sharing with you.

Since 2005 I started trying to make videos. I wanted to long before that. Back then it was very challenging. Somewhere along the way, I Figured out how to Produce advertising videos for small to mid-size businesses.

With that being said, I believe I have enough knowledge to pass on to others that are willing to learn how to make their own videos.

Coming from shooting, editing & producing videos for others I now stand in front of the camera sometimes in shaken fear as I figure this all out. I share how I overcame the fear of being in front of the camera.

You can join me as I travel this fearful shaky path sharing what I have discovered. There’s a lot to be learned from shooting selfies and trying to share the process.

Feeling I have a lot of knowledge to share and somehow hope I will bring it across in my video presentations for you.

Now you can learn from a one man’s perspective how to make your own video by grabbing my newsletter.

I’m not handing out secrets, just stuff you may not know.

We Can Grow Together. (JimSmith *Alias – GoPappyGo)