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Conquer fear of public speaking

October 4, 2016 |

Conquer the fear of public speaking

Episode 018 | Why a public speaking class?¬†GoPappyGo video studio bite size tips with short instructional videos. How using video to conquer the fear of public speaking and becoming a better communicator by taking an advanced public speaking class. I’m not promoting a public speaking class, just showing this technique using video to conquer fear of public speaking. To help you understand how the use of video as a practice tool can make us better communicators.

Advanced public speaking. Why have I taken this course? Because my previous time in front of audiences and crowds were blinding. I could look out into the audience and see a bunch of blurred faces. I couldn’t see nothing. I just felt as like I’m really making an ass out of myself. Sticking my foot in my mouth, saying the wrong stuff, stumbling around, couldn’t speak properly and just felt like a total ass.

With all that being said, it was exhilarating that I accomplished something that I was afraid to do.
I understand how the use of video as a practice tool can make me a better communicator, which is my objective because I love making these videos and eventually I will reach someone else. So lets do this together. Click here –¬†

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