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The next Google slap?

April 1, 2015 |

Episode 005 | Because the forecast for 2015, is greater Mobile Internet Use than from PCs, on April 21, Google is making major changes to their ranking… giving greater preference to mobile-friendly websites over a website that is Not Mobile Friendly Responsive, even if it is indexed and ranked now.

Do you have a site ranked well and not mobile friendly, it may disappear April 21 from the Google index.

Maybe you would like to have a little better ranking on Google. now is the time to improve.

You may say it looks good to me on my mobile device smart phone. Yep, that’s what I thought! Want to be sure what you think is what Google says. Look here. Just enter your web address

If your website is not mobile friendly. . . The answer could be simple, provided you have a WordPress site theme.

Here is what I found and my opinion is. (Just up date your WordPress theme.)
I’ve had a certain theme for a few years and it was considered Responsive. Then recently Google told me it was not mobile friendly. (Head Scratch-er). So after a lot of investigating Google says do this, do that, (running cold rabbit trails). I simply went to my source that I bought the theme and updated the newest version of that theme. Now Mobile Friendly.

The latest themes are all, or should be, Mobile Friendly (Responsive)

In the market for a new WordPress theme?
I’ve sold these and used several of them myself with great satisfaction. If you buy through this link I will receive a commission. With that said the price is not increased. That fee is what any company would pay for advertising fees and adjusted in the cost to the customer.

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