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JimSmithLive Video Discount Productions.
Here are some of my video studio discount productions. On these pages and posts will mostly consist of video discount production advertisements, however, I hope you find them entertaining because I produced them. After all you probably watch many TV advertisements without much thinking about sending in a complaint to the TV station. Here you simply can. And if you care to make a comment please do. And if you can do better, again, please do.

I’m JimSmithLive Video Productions alias GoPappyGo. Alongside my video studio discount productions, I peddle domain names with a kick ass-ets email idea that can be used on most any smart device. Personalize your email with your business domain name branding.

I┬áproduce short (1 minute) videos about your business to be used on social media like You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, or your own website. Priceless. Business owners that are able to do this service themselves are usually too busy managing their business. Interested in this type of advertising? We can talk and maybe do something for you. Find some of our productions at CartridgeFiltersGoToGuy.com/. Also, watch a few videos from our portfolio below. Our clients become Our Friends. I don’t charge┬áthat $1,500 dollar fee that you may have heard about.

JimSmithLive Video Productions, Pappy’s making videos, and loving it. Short video clips made for your business. Since 2005 I’ve been trying to make videos. Some where along the way I Figured out how to Produce advertising videos for small to mid-size businesses. With that being said, I believe I have enough knowledge to pass on to others that are willing to learn how to make their own videos. Coming from shooting, editing & produce videos for others I now stand in front of the camera sometimes in shaken fear as I figure this all out. You can join me as I travel this fearful shaky path sharing what I have discovered. There’s a lot to be learned from shooting selfies and trying to share the process. Feeling I have a lot of knowledge to share and somehow hope I will bring it across in my video presentations for you. Now you can learn from a one man’s perspective how to make your own video by grabbing my newsletter. I’m not handing out secrets just stuff you may not know.
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Right here is my contact in this first Video. Go Pappy Go. . . Give me a call.

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