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4 Hot web video tips

November 11, 2017 |

4 Hot web video tips for your learning enjoyment. 4 Hot Bite Size Tips, GoPappyGo Video Bite Size Tips, short instructional video visuals to help make and get your own videos on to the web.
The disclosed secrets here is stuff you may not know as of yet.

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Tip number
1. Write the script the way you talk so you won’t stumble thru the words.
2. Use a tripod, monopod, or gimble to steady your shot. Because shakey video is lame, a sign of an amateur.

3. Provide value by saying something worthwhile.
4. Record a short 3-second sentence. Repeat it 3 times with hitting pause between each statement. Using pause instead of stop will make it easy to find and edit. Third time will most likely come out more natural flow. For me sometimes takes more than 3 times. This short 3-second sentence will also fit into the next bite size tip.

Watch for part 2, 3 more Hot Bite Size Tips.

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