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7 Hot Bite Size Tips to Make Professional Looking Web Video

7 Hot Bite Size Tips to Make Professional Looking Web Video

1. Script writing tip: write the way you talk.

2. Use a tripod to get a stable shot. Shaky video is lame, sign of an amateur.

3.Provide value, say something worthwhile.

4. Record a short 3 second sentence, repeat it 3 times with hitting pause between each statement. Using pause instead of stop will make it easier to find and edit. The 3rd time will come out more of a natural flow. Sometimes it may take more than 3 times. This short 3 second sentence will also fit into the next tip.

5. Every 3 to 5 seconds do a jump cut. I’m guilty of not doing this right at first. (The cut from shot one to shot two makes the subject appear to “jump” in an abrupt way.) Reason because of human attention span. The next TV show you watch count the seconds from one scene to the next. Bet you don’t get to 5 seconds very often. Which takes us to the next tip.

6. Avoid those fancy transitions between scenes, transitions you find in most editing software. Using them mark you as an amateur. Just do a clean jump cut. I’m guilty. I did the transitions just because I knew how and it was fun for me to show off. Go ahead and get it out of your system. If you do, use in moderation. You don’t see those fancy transitions on TV shows, movies, or advertisements.

7. Once you get a video finished follow up with another, another, and another. Wash, Rinse, Repeat, Keep it flowing and you will rapidly become very good at this. Quickly Follow Up with another, another, and another.

   Compiling more tips for making web video at Jim Smith Live Bite Size Tips