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Camera mount in mobile video studio.

October 25, 2015 |

Episode 008 | Camera mount in mobile video studio. Jim Smith here, I’ll talk a little bit about the mount I have here. This particular camera I use here is a cam corder, Kodak Touch, a very cheap camera, also a Kodak Zi8. They do all you need it to do for budget video. You could just as well, if not be better, use your smart phone camera.

I got this mount made fast here to the shift lever. I had a goose neck from another project I will use here. After I searched and searched and didn’t find one on the internet I made this mount of aluminium. Then, of course, one pops up on Amazon for around $15. Probably not as good quality as the one I made.

Over there, I have a quest and the mic set up, a quality recorder in the middle. Doing this will require some editing knowledge to sync audio with video.

Also going to have an IPad on the dash over there taking video of my quest. A smart phone works here too. Recently updated the dash mount as seen in this video.

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