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Favorite editing software

March 1, 2015 |

Episode 002 | Favorite editing software, the one I use is Camtasia Studio 8. I have in my video making tool box Camtasia Studio 8 which is my favorite editing software that in my opinion as a video creator is a must have.

I will make a mp4 file with the animation video creator software and then edit it in Camtasia Studio 8 and maybe also adding other video takes, transitions, call outs, and audio. I then turn that into another mp4 video file and store it on my computer. Then I can place it into my choice of video player for web display.

So if you care to Google it, Camtasia’s parent company is TechSmith. Camtasia is $300 for PC and around $99 for Mac. Now if you do have a Mac, iMovie will do just fine. In my opinion iMovie does a nicer job on green screen. Camtasia needs a little more tweaking time to get green screen right. I’ll probably talk more about that in a future post. With that said I do have a Mac with iMovie and a PC, and I do prefer Camtasia on PC as my favorite editing program.

There is good video training inside Camtasia Studio. After viewing those and you are left wanting more training I can direct you to the training that I have enjoyed. To “Learn Camtasia” is a great course to do just that, learn Camtasia in association with Lon Naylor a great trainer. Lon offers Camtasia and some bonus gifts if you buy from him, which I have not seen bonus gifts with Camtasia anywhere else.
NOTE: The “Learn Camtasia” Program is for Windows PC ONLY.

To mention a couple more things like Recording the screen, Camtasia Studio is the best. It can record anything you see on your monitor. Also I have used it for stacking images and then taking a Snagit capture to make a new image. Snagit is part of the TechSmith family and another highly recommended tool for your video creators tool box.

Now lets get busy making some videos.

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