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Inexpensive equipment

March 10, 2015 |

Episode 004 | I use very simple budget, some what inexpensive equipment. A painted wall for a green screen. However I do have a pop open 7 ft by 5 ft blue & green screen. I have used a Kodak Zi8 for years with satisfactory results. Last year I brought into use an iPad Air (Not inexpensive) which I found to be useful for making video close up interviews and client presentations. Lighting set up that I think you will find interesting, we will go into later. I want to do a video on lighting and simple studio setup.

I like to voice my views that may sometime contradict pro photographers. For instance, I don’t like that faded blurred background (Bokeh) seen in photos and videos taken with the expensive cameras. I like to see all backdrop clarity in the picture, some say the background is distracting. You can learn more about Bokeh at ( ) Paul Shillito at Video Alchemy production shares some really good information about making videos. You should check out his YouTube channel.

Sorry , I spent way to much time trying to get that clarity in my videos to willingly blur them. Just does not make sense to this enthusiast with an enthusiast perception. What do you think about the Bokeh thing?

Bottom line I’m just an enthusiast with an enthusiast perception.

Here’s to Love Making Video,

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