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Unwanted Mannerisms of Speech and Gestures.

November 9, 2017 |

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How to fix mannerisms of speech and gestures in your YouTube videos. Unwanted Mannerisms of Speech and Gestures. You will learn how I, discovered some unwanted mannerisms of speech and gestures. What I did to fix them before and during production and final render of my videos.

Tring to be mindful I still make some speaking slews, but that’s me and I still, correct some unwanted mannerisms and gestures that normally go unnoticed. By setting up the camera and filming myself while doing pretend work in my office or getting ready for a shoot. Afterword I check the videos to find those unwanted mannerisms. Then by being mindful hopefully I can correct them during the real shoot and save time while doing the edit making for a better video.

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