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October 24, 2015 |

Episode 007 | Ok, what we are working on here, I set up the two front seats of my van. I m going to start doing video out of my mobile studio.

What I did was created a rig to hold this camera on the passenger side dash. What we are going to do on this side is have my quest sit right here. Using an IPad they will see what is getting taped.

Now over there on the left, which is the driver side, I have two cameras set up. A Kodak play touch and a Kodak Zi8. One of those two pointed at quest and the other at me behind the wheel. You could very well use your smart phone for this.

Now right here in the middle we have a Recorder set on a tripod between our shoulders that takes the place of a mic and will pick up excellent audio. Later in editing  this will get synced to the video.

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