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Umbrella lighting for videos.

December 31, 2017 |

Umbrella lighting for photo and videos. This subject is about photo-video lighting for the small youtuber or the more advanced. Before spending lots of cash on lighting get this umbrella kit. It comes with three lights (sockets), two umbrella, three stands, three light bulbs, for a small cost, you will probably be able to pick it up for around $50. See for yourself, this is a cheap reasonable way to work your lighting on videos for the small home studio. This creates a soft light evenly spread, less hot spot, less shade. A nice soft lighting for video shooting studio environment. For sure you will be glad you started with this lighting Kit. The light stands are less than pro quality. The quality of the light makes up for that.

This is a standard E 26 E 27 base, 45 watts and utmost important 6500 Kelvin on the light scale, a safe CFL bulb. This is a full spectrum photo bulb. Which is what you need for any kind of video lighting.

Now I use this in my small studio environment because inside the studio this one umbrella light which I ‘m going to show you at the end of this video what my results are, I consider very satisfactorily with one umbrella light. You could use two or all three. Now what I m going to show you I don’t even use a head light. Just a front key light. That’s all I will use for this demonstration and it will be dark in this room with exception of that umbrella light. Now each setting and each shooting you should experiment with your lighting which you are going to have to because each and every set will be different.

I show you I only have the one umbrella light. Ut Oh, I lied. Now I only have nothing. There is nothing on. Let’s turn on the one umbrella light only. Give it a chance to focus. And we are good there.

Continuous lighting is always on, and the obvious advantage to working with continuous light sources is what you’re seeing is what you get and that makes it simple to adjust light positions and output as needed.

We certainly appreciate you spending your valuable time with me. Thank you very much. You all come back.

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  1. GoPappyGo says:

    Have you tried an umbrella lite or lites? Would you cast your experiences here for others to read?