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Video Studio

Hello, This is an update to what has been written below. What you will find throughout these pages are my personal findings and experiences of making web videos. Hopefully, I can pass across the table to you my “Bite Size Tips” about what I have found to help me that will help you make your own good looking web videos. Sometimes I m a bit crude and don’t say things right, but will be giving it my best shot. I have paid for lot’s of video training courses that were just a little misleading and I intend to correct as it gets passed to you. I believe if you’re a blogger and have your own website that you should make and edit your own videos. I will be giving you plenty of free tips. Finish reading what is previously written below because I no longer make videos for free and neither should you do a video service for free. Editing video requires a tremendous amount of time. I do love making videos and sharing my experiences. So please enjoy the free stuff (Tips) while you can.

Making a video in my studio for small business ads is my pleasure. I do it for free! Well, on a donation basis, if you don’t like my production, you need not donate and you can still use the video as you see fit. The only catch is that I will have a small (tiny) add in the corner to help my efforts of advertising. Because your Video will be in my portfolio as well gives you the benefit of my advertising.

NOTE: Sorry, the free offer is no longer available because of a full schedule. So that’s my story. This website will be filled with productions of my alias Go Pappy Go Video Studio NO MORE VIDEOS MADE FOR FREE. Tips still free.

 Guide on getting started