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Your Domain Name uses

August 21, 2015 |

Episode 006 | Discover Some Undeclared Secrets For Ways to use your Domain Name, URL, website address…

Everyone needs a domain name and I will help you get your foot off first base. To do any kind of business whether it’s E bay or YouTube you need a domain to direct people to your stuff.

It’s time to start your domain name search here at this Sub-Domain ( ) There is a telephone number top right on that page to call if you need help for registration of your domain name.
step by step. After it is all done you will say, WoW, That Was Easy.

Most people find it easier to remember a name rather than a series of numbers.
People entering your domain name rushes them off to your website or product for sale…
All this for about $10 a year. And Lots of Free Extras that go with it.

Including all these with the use of Subdomains or use domain name go to direct any of these.
1. Have your name go to your Linkedin page.
2. Direct it to your YouTube channel. Like this GoPappyGo.
3. Have your name go to your Facebook page.
4. Have it direct to your Twitter page. Like this
5. Have your name direct to your affiliate product page.
6. Use it for a personalized email, or via redirect with (
7. Maybe you haven’t decided what to do with your new domain. Don’t worry – there’s no rush. You can leave it parked for the length of your registration.
8. You can have many addresses of the one and same Domain Name by using many sub-domains.
You can have as many subdomains as you want, ALL for that low cost of a domain name. A subdomain is an easy way to create a memorable Web address to send customers anywhere you want.
9. Have it direct to your Pinterest page.
10. Forward customer to your Main Domain.
11. Your name rushes them to a certain web page.

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