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Video Edited, What’s Next?

November 7, 2015 |

Episode 010 | Planning on making lots of Video?  Audio and Images as well require lots of space. You need to watch this video.

There is a Part TWO Video Below, Watch it Also.

These videos take up lots of room on a computer, So after video is edited, Before I send it off to YouTube, my website, or anywhere else. I will save a .mp4 copy to a special folder on my Desktop with Intentions After Production To Move This Folder off my computer desktop onto external storage. Some may prefer the cloud. Until production is done it stays on Desktop. Because it’s Easy to find here. By the way, be sure to name the folder according to the content so it will be easy to find latter.  There’s more related files go into that folder.

Next I will place that .mp4 into amazon S3 to get a streaming address. Copy that address to a text file and save it to the same folder. Also if I make a splash image ( YouTube calls it a Thumbnail ) for the video, I make a s3 address for it as well. A copy of image file itself go into the folder. The s3 address of that image gets placed into the text file, it too goes into the folder.

Now you have a special named folder on your Desktop, inside that folder is a .mp4 video file, a copy of the splash image, a text file with a copy of the s3 address for the splash image, with a copy of the s3 address for the .mp4 video file.

Now when production is done with video live on YouTube and live on my website, I will move that special named Folder to external storage.

So if you are planning on making lots of videos consider an external hard drive. Then if YouTube shuts down your channel or some other unforeseen event take those videos out, you will still have, own, and control your videos.

Amazon s3 is a hosting service, a streaming hosting service!

Learn how to stream your videos with Amazon-S3 streaming. Your Video Guide to Mastering Amazon S3. Don’t Waste another minute trying to figure out How To Setup & Secure Your Amazon S3 Buckets. Amazon calls folders buckets.

Let’s do this together!

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